Phones and tablets

PC and Mac

VR headsets

Hardware support

Let your customers explore at their own pace and convenience or follow your lead through the space and across interactive hotspots with videos, animations, 3D models and more.

Engage and personalise

Have your space always accessible online for live presenting or for on-demand independent browsing, password-protected if needed.

Enable remote access

Communicate in real time via voice chat and by activating content elements. Synchronised view allows participants to take turns controlling the experience.

Connect and collaborate

Bring customers to your space for online events to save time, trouble and travel costs.

Save time and money

Connect and communicate virtually with customers

Launch new products or showcase your portfolio virtually through visually rich, interactive presentations and demonstrations

Engage with people from all over the world in a 360-degree online space for effective sales, marketing and stakeholder communication

Independent browsing

Allow people to interact and explore independently via a shared link or by embedding the experience on your website

Live experiences

Offer live online guided tours and experiences and communicate with people in real time

Offer personalised experiences, organise webinars and build relationships in a virtual visitor centre or executive briefing centre

Take people on a virtual tour of your factory or show locations that are restricted, hazardous or otherwise inconvenient to bring visitors to

Bring any physical space to life virtually and let people participate when traveling is not an option

Communicate via voice chat. Participants can also take turns controlling the view.

Enter the 360-degree space via invite link.

Participants engage in a virtual tour either following presenter's view or exploring independently (until presenter forces view).

Project brief

Stereoscape will send you an info sheet to fill in to prepare for the kickoff workshop.


Stereoscape sends you an offer based on the scope defined in the kickoff workshop.

Kickoff workshop

We map out the project scope with your team. We discuss your needs and create a preliminary blueprint for the virtual tour.


Collect the needed materials such as text content, brand visuals, or images, and share them with Stereoscape.


Stereoscape builds your interactive SHOWSCAPE 360 Space. Weekly project meetings keep you up to date with the progress.

Training workshop

Towards the end of the project, Stereoscape will provide you instructions on how to use and manage your virtual tour.

Testing and delivery

After final testing and tweaking you are ready to present your space and engage your audience!

Final design

Stereoscape creates the final design for the virtual tour in close collaboration with you.

Please rotate your device.